A morning routine is practically synonymous with Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity. Have you noticed that how we start our day directly impacts the day ahead of us? And our days add up to our lives! Just as Ayurveda does not prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution to optimal health and well-being, nor does it prescribe the ideal-must-do (and-in-this-order) morning routine.

Ayurveda celebrates our uniqueness, and because we all have our own special cadence, our morning routines will be particular to us. Our biological rhythms, our lifestyles, our circumstances, and even our desires will all factor in to how we craft a routine that supports us. This may take a little experimenting to find what feels good, what’s realistic, and what’s not.

It’s true there are some people who rise before the sun (way before the sun), perform ablutions, fire rituals, self-massage, yoga, meditation, and more. And some of these practices may work for you. Some may not.

There are others who are satisfied with a gentle morning stretch, a warm shower, and a simple breakfast. And still others who count it a good day when they get out of bed and dress themselves. And many, if not most, of us are some combination of all three, given the day.